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This online webportal aims to cultivate knowledge and expertise among a community of leaders across the world, empowering them to enact change locally in their own communities and countries. This portal provides a complete suite of resources, successful initiative examples, and strategy development options focused on the elimination of our global reliance on disposable packaging and plastic it’s harmful impacts. The resources are relevant to a wide range of political and legislative systems and site content is available in multiple languages.


The Toolkit is a living portal and a work in progress. Additional content sections and resources will continue to be added and as new information and best practices arise. Also keep in mind, the current site is a BETA VERSION.

Site development is also dependent on feedback from users like you so please use the contact forms embedded throughout site to send us your thoughts and specifics on your needs as well.


This online portal builds on the incredible work done by partner and affiliated organizations worldwide who have produced and publicized resources and toolkits of their own, focusing on different aspects of source reduction via policy, behavior change, and other solutions.

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