Multi-Product | Some bag regulations are part of a more comprehensive waste prevention and management strategy that includes regulating or incentivizing reduction of other single-use disposable products or materials as well.

Extent of Ban | In addition to simply prohibiting the sale and use of plastic bags, regulations can include the manufacture, import and export as well. Consider casting as wide a net as possible.

If this is the first policy of this sort being proposed, it may be easier to enact regulations addressing one product at a time. However, if the goal is to reduce plastic pollution and disposability to the greatest extent possible, a more comprehensive set of zero waste regulations and restrictions is required.


Rwanda 2008 law prohibited the manufacturing, importation, use and sale of polythene bags

EU introduces comprehensive ban on many single use plastic items in 2020

Marshall Islands prohibit the importation, manufacturing, sale and distribution of styrofoam cups and plates, disposable plastic cups and plates, and plastic shopping bags.

Several ordinances focus only on regulating single use plastic bags SB270, Massachusetts, Ireland, France