There are a number of other valuable toolkits and guides that have been created as resources for policy makers and advocates. A few suggested resources are listed below.

Surfrider 2019 Plastic Bag Law Activist Toolkit for U.S. Cities and States – Reviews of types of bag laws and best practices for US cities, model ordinances, best facts and statistics to use, how to build your own campaign, implementing law and measuring effectiveness and links to additional online resources.

Surfrider’s Rise Above Plastics Activist Toolkit – Gives an overview of the problems of single-use plastics and outlines plastics reduction laws.

Mass Green Community Bag Law Toolkit – Includes information on: Funding Opportunities; Powerpoint Presentation to Support Bag Laws; Greenhouse Gas & Retail Cost Calculator; Flyers and Other Publicity Materials; Tips for Municipalities with Representative Town Meeting; Working with Business Owners; Preparing to meet the Opposition; Do bag laws really make a difference?

*VIEW FULL LIST* of other toolkits and contents that are included in each.