There are various types of tactical elements, which can be included in ordinance itself, or as voluntary action prior to ordinance being passed, which can help with socialisation and implementation of policy change.

Take-Out Fee  Allows restaurants to charge a “take-out” fee to offset costs of disposables. This can help sell ordinance to businesses with technique to offset costs of disposables. Customers might perceive negatively because of added costs.

Disincentive Fee  Mandatory fee on use of disposable food service ware items. Intended to bring awareness to cost of single-use items and encourage adoption of reusables. Potential of negative customer perception of being charged for something that used to be free and/or due to convenience interference.

Discount Offered for “Bring Your Own” A small purchase price discount offered to customers who bring their own beverage containers. Nice reinforcement incentive given to customers who wish to help reduce waste by using their own reusable beverage container. However not consistently applied by employees and can lead to negative customer experience if discount is not received when bringing reusable beverage containers.


Alameda Ord. No. 3193, Section 4-4.5(C) – “In instances where food vendors decide to use compostable disposable food service ware that is higher priced than their current ware, a food vendor may charge a “take out fee” to customers to cover the cost difference.”

Berkeley Ord. No. 7639, Section 11.64.050(D) – “Prepared Food Vendors shall charge customers twenty five cents ($0.25) for every Disposable Cup provided.

StarbucksUse own mug, get $0.10 discount

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf: Use own mug, get $0.20 discount