There are various strategies to initiate getting an ordinance adopted and passed. Choose the strategy that best fits your community culture, politics and plays to your strengths as a stakeholder.

Staff-originated (bottom-up): City Staff initiates and proposes new ordinances to City Council intended to help the City achieve adopted city goals such as a general plan, climate action plan, sustainability plan, and/or to ensure compliance with federal, state, county and local permits and regulations.

Council-originated (top-down): One or more elected council members initiated and propose new ordinances that demonstrate best governmental practices, political leadership, environmental stewardship, improved quality of life for residents, enhanced business environment, and anticipation and compliance with upcoming regulatory, economic, environmental, and political circumstances.

Grassroots (outside-in): Individuals, citizen groups, stakeholders, NGO organizations, and special interest groups initiate and petition city government to adopt ordinances in support of their mission, interests, and objectives.

State/Regional/County Framework with Locally-Refined/Specific Focus: Existing and upcoming federal, state, regional, and county regulations and permits that mandate compliance and implementation at the local level can initiate development and adoption of city ordinances.