More recent and comprehensive food service ware laws have progressed to incorporate regulations targeted to reduce or eliminate the usage of single-use plastic straws/stirrers/utensils composed of a wide array of types of plastic, while promoting the switch to non-plastic straws/stirrers/utensils, which are generally mandated to be supplied only upon customer request.

These straws/stirrers/utensils bans are often incorporated with polystyrene food service ware bans to create more comprehensive and effective regulations to eliminate single-use plastic litter, though sometimes single-use plastic straws/stirrers/utensils are adopted on their own as more narrowly focused bans, but almost always as companion bans to expand the reach and effectiveness of polystyrene bans.


Separate Bans: Malibu, USA
Straw Ban Ordinance No. 432 plus
Polystyrene Ban Ord. No. 412

Combined Ban: Manhattan Beach, USA Ordinances 13-0009 through 19-0009