Examples of existing microplastic campaigns to learn from and/or get involved with.

Take Action: Microbeads 5Gyres: Pledge to go #PLASTICFREE

Beat the Microbead Plastic Soup Foundation: An international campaign against microplastic ingredients in cosmetics

Ocean Clean Wash Plastic Soup Foundation: A campaign tackling microfiber release from synthetic clothing into ocean

Rethink Plastic Rethink Plastic Alliance: A campaign working with European decision-makers to design and deliver policies solutions for reduction, redesign and better management of plastics

#BePlasticWise Ocean Wise: Pledge to #BePlasticWise

End Plastic Pollution Earth Day Network: A campaign focused on fundamentally changing human attitude and behavior about plastics and catalyzing a significant reduction in plastic pollution

Stop Plastic Microfiber Pollution Story of Stuff: A petition demanding that clothing companies take responsibility for microfiber pollution


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