SB-1422 California Safe Drinking Water Act: microplastics Clear steps towards addressing microplastics in water for human consumption. Will adopt a standard methodology to be used in the testing of drinking water for microplastics. This standard could then be used for wider national/international regulation.

California SB-1263 Ocean Protection Council: Statewide Microplastics Strategy This law will help state develop long term stratgey for addressing concern. This strategy could potentially be applied on a much larger scale.

California SB-372 Single-use plastic products: extended producer responsibility Proposed legislation that would address extended producer responsibility for single-use plastic products, including collecting waste consisting of those products, the transport and treatment of those products, the costs of litter cleanup, and awareness-raising measures.

New York: AB 1549 Microfiber Clothing Label Requirements Proposed bill requires that no person, firm, partnership, association, limited liability company or corporation shall sell or offer for sale any new clothing made from fabric that is composed of more than 50% synthetic material without a conspicuous label that is visible to the consumer at the point of sale.

Connecticut H.B. 5360 (originally S.B. 341) An Act Concerning Clothing Fiber Pollution Proposed bill calls for creation of a working group with representatives from the clothing industry and environmental community, to develop a consumer education and awareness campaign and to report its recommendations to the Environment Committee.