Additional reports and studies worth reading

Themed Collection of Reports on Microplastics in the Environment highlighting the outstanding work in microplastics analysis and provides insight into this emerging and important area of research. The overarching goal for this compilation of work to help guide and/or facilitate the harmonization, rather than standardization, of methods so that data can be useful at different scales – e.g., locally, globally and across disciplines.

Freshwater Microplastics Emerging Environmental Contaminants?  A recommended book for download, which reviews current state-of-research on microplastics in rivers and lakes, including analytical aspects, environmental concentrations and sources, modelling approaches, interactions with biota, and ecological implications. A solid overview for environmental chemists, engineers, and toxicologists, as well as water managers and policy-makers.


Sources, Fate and Effects of Microplastics<

Options for reducing releases of microplastics emitted by products

A Scientific Perspective on Microplastics in Nature and Society

Federal Actions to Address Marine Plastic Pollution: Reducing or Preventing Marine Palstic Pollution Through Source Controls and Life-cycle Management

Ocean Pollutants Guide: Toxic Threats to Human Health and Marine Life

Microplastics: What Are the Solutions?