Bali Fokus : NGO that aims to clean up environment while improving quality of life in Bali for poor communities through community-based and participatory programs. Organisation aims to eliminate toxic chemicals in their neighbourhoods.

Diet Kantong Plastik : Campaign intended to move Indonesia off of the reliance of plastic bags while remaining equitable and fair with systematic and political systems in mind. 


Eco Waste Coalition : Coalition of community, social, educational and health institutions with one common goal- facilitate a sustainable use of, and solution to waste in the Philippines. Website is updated periodically with relevant news regarding improper allocations of waste by the government or independant companies.

GAIA Foundation : Global coalition that advocates for clean production of energy and a sustainable use of the planet’s resources while promoting a zero waste mentality amongst consumers.

Zero Waste Pilipinas Conglomeration of relevant stories revolving around reusing, repairing and recycling materials to eliminate the presence of waste in the Philippines.

Mother Earth Foundation NGO working to eliminate waste and toxic pollution while putting an end to climate change and its detrimental effects.


Environmental and Social Development Organization (ESDO)– In 1992, ESDO launched a nationwide anti-polythene campaign and after ten years, the Ministry of Environment and Forest of Bangladesh finally passed a total ban on polythene bags in 2002.


Thanal – An organisation leading zero waste campaigns and advising on policy efforts throughout Kerala.


Green Protocol Website | Green Protocol PDF  | Kerala, India | Government initiatives focus on prevention of use of disposables and using reusable alternatives like glass/stainless/porcelain cutleries.

Ban On Plastic Bags And The Emergence Of New Varieties | STUDY | 2014| North South University | Investigating the consequences of ban on plastic bags and the subsequent emergence of several new varieties of shopping bags in the mega city Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, discussing the resulting ecological costs and policy measures.

Consumer Responses to Incentives to Reduce Plastic Bags Use | REPORT | 2011 | Delhi School of Economics | Evidence from a 2011 field experiment in urban India concludes that in developing countries with little enforcement capacity, a blanket ban may not be the best possible solution. Instead, low cost information interventions, availability of substitutes to plastic bags, and subsidies (taxes) on the use of reusable bags (plastic bags) could constitute an important policy-mix.

Ban the Bead! | REPORT | 2016 | ESDO | Study on the harmful effects of microbeads on health and environment, including surveying the awareness or manufactures and users about such harms.

Diet Kantong Plastik Resource Archive | PDF DOWNLOADS | A library of Indonesian campaign resources, including posters, press releases, information for retailers and more.