GAIA Foundation – More than 60 member organisations of GAIA in Latin America are working hard to promote and assist in the implementation of locally rooted zero waste systems, and to stop unsustainable waste disposal projects such as incineration, mega landfills, and waste burning as fuel in cement kilns. Permanent support for waste pickers’ struggles to make their work dignified and recognised as a service in waste management systems is another of key piece of GAIA’s work.


The Impact of Using Compostable Carrier Bags on Consumer Behavior in Brazil | REPORT 2013 | SciELO | As a result, it was found that the use of conventional plastic bags provides a growing concern among consumers regarding the environmental problems caused by such products. It was also noted an awareness regarding the use of bags and more importance to green products, which are gaining market share and the consumer.

Conscious Consumption: A Study on Plastic Bags’ Consumers in Brazil | STUDY 2012 | International Journal of Psychological Studies | A demographic study of the socioeconomic status of individuals who believe in ecological consciousness in regards to sustainability and plastic bag consumption, revealing that most respondents attributed high importance to plastic bags