Explore the map below to view legislation around the world. Find out what plastic regulation has been passed where and link to ordinance language when available. This feature will continue to be developed and data set will be updated through partners contributions and tracking efforts. Please keep in mind the map does not reflect all existing legislation and some legislation links may not be the most up-to-date version of text. 

Other Online Data Sets & Maps

The Last Beach Cleanup Informational summary table of adopted plastic bag, straw and foam container laws at the country level worldwide.

Story of Stuff  Global map broken down by region to show where plastic bags have been banned or taxed. Table with more information on the bills for each location and its date of implementation.

National Caucus of Environmental Legislators (NCEL) 2019 proposed and pending US State Legislation, with links to external policy documents related to: Waste Management, Recycling, EPR; Polystyrene; Straw Upon Request; Plastic Bag Ban and Fee; Study Commission and Task Force; Comprehensive Single Use Plastic Bans.

BagLaws.com Map and lists US Legislation on plastic bags, state and local ordinances. Filter views to access policy overviews and link to external policy documents.