Check out other valuable policy toolkits and guides, which have been created and are available for download. Browse the list below to find what content can be found in each.

Surfrider 2019 Plastic Bag Law Activist Toolkit for U.S. Cities and States (USA)

Includes: Review of types of bag laws and best practices for US cities, model ordinances, best facts and statistics to use, how to build your own campaign, implementing law and measuring effectiveness and links to additional online resources. This toolkit is a supplement to Surfrider’s Rise Above Plastics Activist Toolkit, which gives an overview of the problems of single-use plastics and outlines plastics reduction laws.

Surfrider Rise Above Plastics Toolkit (USA)

Includes: Overview of the problems of single-use plastics and outlines plastics reduction laws with step by step guide for campaigning and passing an ordinance to reduce plastic.

Surfrider Good Practices Guide: Banning Single Use Plastic Bags (Europe)

Includes: Step-by-step advice and a checklist for banning bags and includes lots of case studies from differing scenarios.

UNEP: Marine Litter Legislation: A Toolkit for Policymakers (International)

Includes: Examples and high level suggestions for policymakers. Sections for: Prohibiting the Manufacture of Plastic Bags, Plastic Bag Bans, Regulation of Bag Thickness, Taxes and other Levies, Requiring or Encouraging Reusables.

Earth Day Network: Plastic Pollution Primer and Action Toolkit  (International)

Through the use of this toolkit you will be able to assess your current consumption of plastics and determine how you as an individual can lower your own plastic pollution impact. Outlines common misconceptions about plastic consumption and pollution while also providing a series of resources that the public can access to learn more about plastic pollution and relevant legislation. Resources include blogs, articles, videos, news updates, reports and first hand accounts.

Microfibers Resource Guide and Toolkit  (International)

A resource guide and toolkit for understanding and tackling the problem of plastic microfiber pollution in our communities. Details both the environmental and public health impacts of microfibers while also focusing on how individuals can take action in order to find a solution.

Plastic Pollution Coalition ‘How to Start a Bag Ban in Your Town (USA)

Includes: Easy to digest step by step guide for individuals on how to ban plastic bags and polystyrene foam in their towns. The guide provides links to cities, states and districts that have successfully banned plastic and functions as an educational resource with links to reports and studies about plastic use too.

Plastic Bag Reduction Ordinances: New York City’s Proposed Charge on All Carryout Bags as a Model for U.S. Cities  (USA) 

Includes: Ban vs. Charge, Specific Clauses to be Included in Ordinances, Building a Strong Administrative Record for an Ordinance, Plastic Industry Standard Arguments and Attempts to Preempt Ordinances, Building a Local Grassroots Campaign.

Californians Against Waste Bag Ban Toolkit (USA)

Includes: Local Model Ordinance Language; Sample Support Letter; Final Language for Statewide Legislation; Policy Committee Analyses; Sample Fact Sheets; The Real Cost of Single-Use Plastic Bags; Plastic Bag Impacts and Bag Ban Results; Common Myths and Misperceptions from Bag Ban Opponents, More Myths Debunked; Frequently Asked Questions: Living Without Single-Use Plastic Bags Under SB270; Reusable Bag Safety. Rebuttals and related links; Local Ordinance Results

Mass Green Community Bag Law Toolkit (USA)

Includes: Funding Opportunity; Powerpoint Presentation to Support Bag Laws; Greenhouse Gas & Retail Cost Calculator; Flyers and Other Publicity Materials; Tips for Municipalities with Representative Town Meeting; Working with Business Owners; Preparing to meet the Opposition; Do bag laws really make a difference?

Making Waste Work: A Community Toolkit for Waste Management in Low to Middle Income Countries by WasteAid

Includes: The toolkit provides essential information to help you set up community-led waste management systems and small recycling businesses. These activities can help keep your neighbourhood clean and healthy and even generate a small income.

Nix the 6 Manuel by 5Gyres

Includes: Step by step tips on how to make a campus polystyrene free, case studies, cost benefit, prep for pushback, tips for leadership, campaigns, links to other resources

Disposable Foam Container Toolkit by Natural Resources Council of Maine

Includes: Why support a ban on disposable foam containers, sample ordinance language, cost comparison chart – foam v alternatives, strategy to win, guide to writing letter to the editor, sustainability initiative seed grant

The Last Straw Community Toolkit (2015) US Enviromental Protection Agency++

Includes: how to build a strong foundation with restaurants, how to engage businesses, how to build community momentum, what information to provide individuals and businesses, examples of communications and campaign resources, templates, lessons learned, links to additional resources

Plastic Source Reduction Toolkit for Colleges & Universities and Other Institutional Settings (USA)

Includes: Four steps for achieving source reduction at a college or university setting.

Natural Resources Council of Maine: Reusable Bag Ordinance Toolkit (USA)

Includes: list of Maine towns with bag ordinances; Why Support a Reusable Bag Ordinance (essentially like a fact sheet); Guide to Designing Local Ordinances that Encourage the use of Reusable Shopping Bags; List of Resources/External Links; Strategy to Win; Guide for writing LTEs; Link to a grant

Bag It Town Toolkit (USA)

Includes: Goals & Tactics; Possible Opponents; Sample Campaign Plan; Sample Ordinance; Sample Petition; Letter to Retailers; Letter to Elected Officials; Resources